Sizes   8-inch
Guide Type   High Rigidity H Type Box Way
Capacity Swing over Bed Ø520 mm
往复台旋径 Ø410 mm
Max. Turning O.D. Ø300 mm
Max. Turning Length 300 mm
Reciprocating Table Traverse X Axis Traverse 175 mm
Z Axis Traverse 300 mm
Spindle Spindle Speed 45 ~ 3500 rpm
Spindle Nose A2-6
Dia. Of Spindle Hole Ø67 mm
Applicable Bar Dia. Ø52 mm
Front Bearing Sustainability of Spindle Ø100 mm
Tool Turret Type Servo T8
O.D. Tool Holder Size 25 x 25 mm
I.D. Tool Holder Dia. Ø40 mm
Tool Change Time 0.5 sec
Feeding Speed X Axis Rapid Traverse 20 m / min
Z Axis Rapid Traverse 20 m / min
Motor Spindle AC Servo Motor 7.5 / 11 kw
X Axis AC Servo Motor 1.8 kw
Z Axis AC Servo Motor 2.5 kw
Hydraulic Pump Motor (40L) 1.5 kw
Coolant Pump Motor 0.4 kw
Oil Syringe Pump Motor (2L) 0.15 kw
Machine Sizes Coolant Tank Capacity 150 L
Machine Height 1650 mm
Covering area 2125 x 1730 mm
Machine Weight About 2900 kg


Standard Vacuum Hydraulic Chuck Set 8" x 1 ST
Standard Soft Jaws 3 PC / ST
Lathe Center -
O.D. Tool Post 25 x 25 3 ST
Face Turning Tool Post 25 x 25 1 ST
I.D. Tool PostØ40 4 ST
Boring Tool SleeveØ8-H40 2 PC
Boring Tool Sleeve Ø10-H40 2 PC
Boring Tool Sleeve Ø12-H40 2 PC
Boring Tool Sleeve Ø16-H40 2 PC
Boring Tool Sleeve Ø20-H40 2 PC
Boring Tool Sleeve Ø25-H40 2 PC
Boring Tool Sleeve Ø32-H40 2 PC
Drill Sleeve MT2-H40 1 PC
Drill Sleeve MT3-H40 1 PC
Optional Machine Tool Body Spring Collet Chuck Ο
Tailstock MT No.4 Ο
Servo Turret T10 Ο
Servo Turret T12 -
Spindle Speed 4200 Ο
Spindle Speed 6000 -
指定色 Ο
Automation Peripherals Workpiece Receiver Ο
Finished Product Conveyor Ο
Tool Detection Device Ο
Workpiece Counting Device Ο
Automatic Power Off System Ο
自动安全门控系统 Ο
Bar Feeding Equipment + Automation Interface Ο
Gantry Type Robot + Automation Interface Ο
Smart Multi-axis Robot + Automation Interface Ο
Cutting and Cooling Processing Iron Chip Conveyor + Iron Chip Truck Ο
吹气装置 Ο
Oil Mist Collector Ο
High Pressure Cutting Liquid Pump Ο